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What is a Vegan Leather

What is vegan leather? Nowadays, everybody is speaking about fake leather, faux leather and sustainable materials. It s time to focus on these critical issues because AMJ is a leather goods factory that uses many different materials and sources. From animal origin to no animal origin, at AMJ Pakistan, just the best and most sustainable leathers.

Frankly speaking, let’s soon clarify that Vegan leather or Faux leather is a NO ANIMAL original product. Indeed mostly designers and customers, to protect the animal species, prefer to choose fake leather to make their collections instead of real leather.

Recently this phenomenon has been a very requested leitmotiv owing to a new sustainability concept era that is beginning every day stronger. Thus it is no accident that I often meet by zoom many designers who ask me the same question, how is vegan leather made?

You can get vegan leather from SYNTHETIC materials, which means plastic or from NATURAL sources such as cork, cotton or organic elements. Both are FAKE LEATHER, I repeat fake leather, which is not real leather cause they have no animal origin.

Let s focus our attention on SYNTHETIC materials. Unfortunately, today the most popular material is “plastic vegan leather”, which means the famous PVC and PU.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is without mincing words PLASTIC hence we can imagine how hard it is to recycle this product. PVC is not sustainable, is from fossil fuels, and has a lot of environmental criticism.

I think no need to explain here the damages created by a plastic product. I know you are a bit surprised, but that’s true. PVC is 100% toxic.

The most dangerous scenario in PVC is the presence of the DIOXINS in high quantity, a highly toxic element.

PU (polyurethane) is another sigla and material that means PLASTIC. It is always a fake or artificial leather, perhaps less toxic than PVC because PU has fewer fossil fuels but indeed polluting. Indeed polyurethane is inherently more eco–friendly than most other plastics, but it is always plastic.

After having all this info, I have a question for you.

Do you realize that VEGAN LEATHER and, above all, PVC and PV are 100% toxic?

AMJ has many requests about this material, but few people know exactly what we are speaking about. My humble advice is simple: before choosing a different or innovative material, please study carefully. Today we need to be conscious about the products we are using and producing.

Our factory is part of a MADE IN PAKISTAN system, and we should inform our customers.

Unfortunately, I have to tell you that it is true. Still, there is good news as well, natural vegan leather is less toxic than plastic leather ( PVC, PU) cause inside, there are more natural elements and small plastic elements or chemical products.