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Traditional Craftsmanship

We Provides Exceptional Leather Products

With three generations of family artistry, design knowledge and experience, AMJ Enterprises is the foremost manufacturer of custom-made leather products worldwide.

Our Mission

AMJ Enterprises gives you the power to create your own unique custom leather products. By bringing together a top-notch design platform, endless customization options, and state-of-the-art manufacturing, we help you create something truly unique.

What we offer

Sustainable Manufacturing Approach

Sustainable manufacturing is at the core of all our operations and it starts right at the procurement stage of raw materials. We strive to create ethical products using economically sound processes. Minimizing the negative environmental impacts on society, while conserving energy and natural resources. Our craftsmen are at the core of our manufacturing process, and thus we treat our employees fairly in order to enhance the community at large.

Fast Service

We offer fast delivery of products.

Affordable price

Our prices are very competitive.

24/7 Supports

We are available all the time.

Our Clients Testimonial

What our clients say

We love hearing from our customers about how much they love our handcrafted leather goods. If you would like to send us a testimonial we would be glad to add it to our site.

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